System Overview

Here You can see an overview of all our systems:

Type* Abb. System Area of application Measurement range    
  DAC Hovercraft Sensor DAC Foam sheet, compact PVC, etc. 0,5 - 30mm
WA/T LPS 200 LPS-200 Lab Profiler sample sheet from 50 up to 100mm 0 - 1000µm
T LSS Laser Shadow LSS paper, foil 5000µm
T MM2 Jockey Roller MM2
Computer Terminal NME1
contact / non contact  
WA SEN5BS Sen4BS/Sen5BS - Weight Measurement nonwoven  
T SMS 2 SMS 2 Spectrometer System coating 0,2 - 30µm    
WA USM 200 USM-200 Thickness Gauge    
M IR 3000 IR 3000 moisture and coating measurement  
WA/T PPS 200 PPS-200 planing process scale      
WA USMX 200 A USMX-200 Array total covering  

WA = Weight per area
T = Thickness
M = Moisture measurement

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