Sensor Overview

Sensorenübersicht DAC
Aircushion/Eddy Current
non-contact, non-radiation
0,2 - 30mm
For two sided contactless measurement. The measuring head and the reference plate float on an insulating air cushion in constant distance to the measuring material. The arrangement is executed in such a way so that the same low aerodynamic power can be carried out on both sides without touching the continuous material.
Sensorenübersicht USM-200
Ultrasonic Absorbtion
non-contact, non-radiation
0 - 800g/²m (μm)
New measuring method to determine basis weight and/or thickness of thin material (patented). Therefore all materials like fleece, paper, plastic and also electrically conductive materials like aluminium, coated, gold, etc. can be measured traversing and without contact. With the smallest thickness a precision of 20 nm is reached. Due to the small sensor technology a light-measuring frame made of aluminium profiles for a scan width up to 10m was constructed for this system. (Specs. see data sheet)
Sensorenübersicht MM2
contact, no marks
0 - 4mm
Contact measurement by means of flexible measuring rolls against an aluminium roller or plate. Especially suitable for traversing measurement. (Non- Contact principle of measurement due to eddy current sensor)
Sensorenübersicht LSS2
Laser Shadow
non-contact, non-radiation
0,5 - 5mm
The thickness of web will be calculated by the difference of distance from eddy current sensor to the roller and the web surface measured by the CCD camera from laser scan micrometer
Sensorenübersicht TOM
Laser Triangulation
non-contact, non-radiation 0,5 - 200mm
If the surface finish of the measuring material is suitable, one can measure with laser triangulation. The distance between both sensors is fixed by a combined inductive sensor or adjusted by an zero cross profile.
Sensorenübersicht WIF
White Light Interferometer
non-contact, non-radiation
Layer: 5 - 150μm
The interference spectrums of thin transparent and partly transparent material are be measured and analysed. The interference of both partial rays is a measurement for the thickness of layer of the sample.
Sensorenübersicht SMS2
non-contact, non-radiation
Color and Layer
ONLine Color Measurement
Thickness of Coatings can be evaluated by the Absorbtion of Wavelength fom 350 - 1050nm.
Sensorenübersicht OSS4 / CLM
Camera System
Material Defect
CCD line camera system for determining surface structure as well as distance to sample 1 or 2 dimensional CCD-lines depending on application.
Sensorenübersicht Sen3BS
X-Ray Backscatter
10 - 10000g/²m
Backscatter X-ray is an advanced imaging technology. An X-ray source emits a high flux stream of photons or X-rays. X-rays at a specific energy levels are absorbed by electrons in the sample. The measurement gap is 15mm. Two types of X-ray tubes are available 30kV + 60kV.
Sensorenübersicht UDM
Ultrasonic Distance Meas.
non-contact, non-radiation
20 - 200mm
This sensor unit is designed for measuring thick material. The distance between the measuring material on both sides is measured without contact by ultrasonic sensors. The entire distance between the sensors minus the measuring distance equals the thickness of the material. The design profile of the measuring frame is compensated by a zero cross profile
Sensorenübersicht CDS
Capacitive Displacement Sensor
non-contact, non-radiation
0 - 300μm
The measurement is carried out on capacitive basis, whereby the electric field of the sensor is influenced according to the thickness of the foil. During the measurement process the contact surface of the sensor touches the foil hose without causing damage
Sensorenübersicht CAPEC
Capacitance/Eddy Current
Dual Sensor
0,05 - 2mm
Combi Sensor for non-contact determination of film thickness. The thickness of web will be calculated by the difference of distance from eddy current sensor to the roller and the web surface measured by the capacitance sensor.
Sensorenübersicht LDP
Profile Projector
By means of a laser beam the thickness profile is directly projected onto the web or die. Therefore a sure classification and fast manual adjustment of the thickness distribution can be achieved. The tiresome counting or searching for the die bolts belonging to it does not apply.
Sensorenübersicht MMH
Moisture Measuring Head
non-contact, non-radiation
2 - 70%
The microwave frequency deviation is used as the measuring principle. The sensor is a microwave cavity resonator. This means that the unit is extremly insensitive to most fillings. The moisture measurement range covers all types of paper, textiles and multi-ply materials etc.
Confocal Laser/Eddy Current
Dual Sensor
non-contact, non-radiation
2 - 70%
The distance to the material surface will be measured by means of confocal laser. An eddy current sensor will take the distance of upper to lower laser sensor. A tracking circuit will focus both lasers. The thickness of the material will be calculated by the difference of laser position and tracking system

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